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Boggl for Product Managers

And only 30% of it is read

Product managers spend 80% time on PRDs


"This is a lot to read. Lets sync on this over 20 meetings"


"The absence of acceptance criteria is unacceptable within acceptable standards"


Missing details can lead to Product Delay or Failure

Lack of standardisation makes it a challenge for designers & developers to execute product.


PRDs are not the single source of truth that you think they are

PRDs are rarely updated post-launch resulting in outdated documents.


"Lets email the PM who quit 3 years ago for context on this feature."


"I spend 50% of my salaried hours in complete & utter confusion"


Product information is fragmented between documents

Leadership: Keeping track of product takes enormous effort, hours & hours of meetings

New employees: Tedious process of discovering older PRDs & product information.

All true! But again, why Boggl?

Because the core problem is that documents though necessary; are outdated.

They remain as silos resulting in product managers redoing tasks on multiple platforms.

Boggl aims to breathe life into documents by making them

a templatized guided experience

integrated with your favourite tools


easily discoverable

connected to a centralised dashboard

and beautiful..

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