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  • What is Boggl?
    Boggl is an AI-powered product management tool that helps you create Product Requirements, generate Roadmaps and magically create Release Notes, Customer Docs & Test cases from your Requirements documents. Plus, seamlessly transfer stories / features to your preferred task tool. Boggl's structured system ensures all your data is transparent to your team. Track metrics, launches that have been scheduled on your requirements documents in centralised dashboards.
  • Can I try Boggl without purchasing a plan?
    Absolutely! We offer a free plan wherein you can write 10 documents for free, create a single product space & invite upto 5 team members. You also get free AI credits worth 15,000 words!
  • Is data added to Boggl secure?
    Your data is 100% secure with Boggl. 1. All organisational content is separate - it is impossible for a user to access your data unless you invite them to your workspace+document 2. No query in the database can be executed without the organisation id. Every user has to authenticate to the workspace and can only get the data of that workspace. 3. Our data servers are hosted in AWS and protected with MFA.
  • Is my data private?
    We only use the information you submit to generate requested results, we will not sell or distribute your data (unless of course you choose to share your documents)
  • How long do my AI credits last?
    Your credits have no expiration date – they'll remain in your account until you use them. This gives you the flexibility to use them whenever you have a project in mind.
  • Do you train your LLM on my data?
    We use OpenAI APIs that do not train on submitted data. You can read more about these APIs here:
  • Why is Boggl better than Notion for Product documentation?
    Why Boggl is Better than Notion for Product Managers 1. AI-Powered Automation: Boggl: Utilizes AI to automate the creation of Product Requirements, Roadmaps, Release Notes, Customer Documentation, and Test Cases directly from your requirements documents. This reduces manual work and ensures consistency and accuracy. Notion: While flexible and powerful, requires manual creation and maintenance of these documents, which can be time-consuming and prone to human error. 2. Seamless Integration with Task Tools: Boggl: Allows seamless transfer of stories and features to your preferred task management tool, ensuring a smooth workflow and better integration with existing systems. Notion: Offers integrations but often requires additional setup and maintenance, potentially disrupting workflow continuity. 3. Structured and Transparent Data System: Boggl: Features a structured system that ensures all data is transparent to the team, facilitating better collaboration and visibility. Notion: While it supports collaboration, it requires careful organization to maintain transparency, which can be a challenge without strict adherence to structured practices. 4. Centralized Dashboards for Metrics and Launch Tracking: Boggl: Provides centralized dashboards to track metrics and scheduled launches directly from your requirements documents, making it easier to monitor progress and performance. Notion: Can be customized to display metrics and track launches, but requires manual setup of dashboards and integration of data sources. 5. Enhanced Focus on Product Management Needs: Boggl: Specifically designed for product management, offering tailored features that directly address the needs of product managers. Notion: A general-purpose tool that can be adapted for product management but lacks specialized features out of the box. Boggl stands out for product managers due to its specialized focus on product management needs. You don't have to customise anything or set any workflow rules. We have taken care of it all for you!
  • Why is Boggl better than ChatGPT for PMs?
    Boggl has been created to generate high quality, consistent & structured product documents. Through our componentised architecture & curated prompts, we use relevant aspects of your document to generate the requested document. Try it out and compare results - you'll definitely see the difference!
  • How is Boggl priced?
    Boggl offers simple pricing based on author access. Freelancers & individual product folks can purchase a single author license. We have plans that suit small to mid-sized startups based on number of author licences & these include AI credits as well.
  • My team is already on Jira & Trello for task management. How is Boggl useful to me?
    Boggl is not a task tool. Boggl replaces your document tool to enhance & supercharge your product data through AI assist, autogeneration, reflecting PRD metrics/launches on dashboards. You can continue to use the task tools your team is comfortable with & assign user stories & features directly from Boggl on those task tools. Any changes made in your PRD will automatically get updated - ensuring your PRD is truly a source of truth!
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