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Writing standard PRDs just doesn't make sense anymore

Tom was picked to lead the new project at his company. He completed 4 rounds of user interviews, a 10 hours of meetings with his manager, team & CEO to solidify a direction & then finally sat to work. Now you’d ask, what do you mean by he ‘finally sat to work’? Aren’t those hours of meetings & interviews, actual work? Well, yes. But also, no. In the product world, documentation is everything. The Product (or Feature) Requirement Document (PRD) is a reflection of you, your aptitude, your skill. And the ultimate stamp & proof of your work. Tom would now spend the next few weeks on this document - writing, editing, discussing each advancement with his product team. The document is finally ready to be shared with the tech team. He clicks Share, adds 6 email addresses & presses Done.

1 week goes by.. Sam, do you have any questions or concerns on the document I shared last week? Hey Tom, can we sync on this & discuss the document first?

Tom frowns & rubs his forehead- why wouldn’t he just read it? He pulls the laptop closer and types - Sure, let me send you a Zoom link.

After all, it is his job to relay product to the tech team.

Do you empathise with Tom? I’m sure you do. After all I have narrated the story from his point of view. But if you have a look at the document that Tom shared with his team, you might think differently ;) Product managers compile requirements in documents in exhaustive ways. Exhaustive because that is the only way they are able to showcase their work, ensure that no detail is missed, have the product be watertight, unquestionably so. But then, who wants to read exhaustive documentation? Nobody.

Because of which, Product Managers inevitably redo all of their work.

Engineers have CodeEditors, Linkers, Compilers- extensive tools to help them code. Even smaller teams follow standard processes & have tools to manage them— Waterfall, Agile, Jira, Trello etc. Designers have Sketch, Figma, Zeplin, prototyping tools. But product teams across the tech world operate in vastly differently ways from each other. Every Product owner, even within the same team, writes documentation very differently- making it very challenging for stakeholders to consume this information. Product managers have 0 specialised tools for their basic job of compiling requirements effectively & sharing it with their stakeholders. At, we are building the revolutionary tool for Product managers to make their lives a little easier. We aim to elevate the way in which feature and product requirements are communicated- one step at a time.

Are you a Product manager? Or an entrepreneur managing a tech team? Join our waitlist to try out our free beta version. We are launching very soon!

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