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Your PRD is NOT the single source of truth you think it is

Tom is a Product Lead at a large SAAS company. With recent layoffs at his company, he has had to take up multiple products under his wing & manage workflows across several teams. Around 60% of his time is spent in writing, editing PRDs and FRDs for multiple teams. He spends around 2 hours a day copying User Stories from his PRD & pasting them onto Jira tickets to prep for the next Agile cycle. Tom has a pretty cool manager named Jack. Jack knows that Tom is doing the best he can juggling multiple teams. It had been 6 months since the org restructure and Jack needed to review how the projects under him were faring. Hey Tom! Can we catch up next week? We need to review your OKRs and success parameters of the product features you are owning. Tom sighed & rubbed his eyes. He has been swamped for the past few weeks & now he has to prep for a review meeting. Another !ping Hey Tom! Lisa here. Didn’t we finalise on including the Payment flow within the same sprint? I can’t find the specs in your PRD Hey Lisa, sorry about that! I added those specs directly on Jira. Give me a minute, I will share the ticket with you. Thats great Tom! But could you update the PRD as well? I don’t think my manager can access your Jira board. Oh sure Lisa, I will get to that right away. !ping yet again Hey Tom! I needed to discuss something around the June 15th launch. Hey Jim! What June 15th launch? The launch of the checkout feature. Hey Jim, that has been preponed to June 1st! Oh really? But your PRD states June 15th!

Scroll. Scroll. Click. Close. Scroll. Click. Ah sorry Jim, I hadn’t updated the PRD. Going forward, you can check updated dates on this other tool -****** The PRD writing process is a a disconnected effort. Documents become outdated quickly especially since handoff to design and tech teams happens on other tools. Your PRD can be a single source of truth with 1 hack. For your product requirements to be a consistent source of truth, it needs to be the only thing you need to update even if story or feature handoff happens across various tools like Jira, Asana etc.

With, every story or feature from your PRD can be handed off to your team through any workflow. Iterations or changes to the document? It is all auto-synced from your PRD! At, we are building the revolutionary tool for Product managers to make their lives a little easier. We aim to elevate the way in which feature and product requirements are communicated.

Are you a Product manager? Or an entrepreneur managing a tech team? Try our free beta version!

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